Jen has been leading cleanse programs for over a decade

Join a Positive & Supportive Community to Get Healthy Together: an innovative and virtual approach so you can join anytime + anywhere

Stay tuned for our Spring 2021 detox as we will make small adjustments over 30 days to create habits that stick. Join us for a transformational journey to your best health! Email me with any questions.

Some things we will conquer together...

  • Kick sugar addiction
  • Flush out toxins with real, whole foods
  • Optimize digestion, energy and immune function
  • Practice intermittent fasting
  • Identify trigger foods to get rid of bloating, brain fog and fatigue

Successes from past challenges

  • "I am in control! Whatever it was that was blocking me was unblocked. I thank the universe, Red Jen, and this community!" ~ D.H.
  • "I lost 9 pounds and developed a more loving mindset" ~ E.S.
  • "I lost 10 pounds and learned a ton about how to eat healthier!" ~ D.Q.
  • "I learned that I can fast longer than I had imagined, and it's not as bad as I thought. In fact, I realized that I'd rather fast than eat fast food!" ~ S.F.
  • "Being able to cut out added sugars and coffee was huge for me. I thought it would have been more of a struggle or that I would have felt more groggy... I ate on point and got movement in daily. I'm continuing this momentum in February. I really wouldn't have gotten through this month without some sort of accountability. It helped knowing a group of others were aiming for the same goals." ~ C.G.
  • "I feel like I reset my body. I feel alert, I'm able to get through long days, and I'm down 7lbs. Such a big win!" ~ C.G.