Road Trip to Radiant Health


Are you ready to get out of overwhelm, to learn to deeply nourish yourself, to gain control over your relationship with food, to feel good in your body and free your mind so that you can dream big and do great things? Then this program is for you! Rooted in ancient wisdom and mindfulness practices, we'll learn how, why and what to do to optimize our mental, physical and energetic health so that we can truly thrive.

I'm calling it a Road Trip* to Radiant Health... Intrigued? Email me below to set up a time to chat! *Note that while we are not actually getting in a car yet (I hope to include some future retreats!), we will indeed be on a journey together: we will have weekly virtual (or in person if you're local) meetups as well as monthly in-person opportunities to connect.

Start Date: Monday, July 12

Investment: $2500 for the entire year

What's Included in the Journey?

Strategy Session

  • When is the last time you took 30 minutes to focus on your own health? Set up a Strategy Session with Jen to get clear on your health goals and see how she can help you achieve them.

Ready to Commit?

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