Seasonal Workshops

This is the happiest I've felt in years... thank you for orchestrating a wonderful & delicious experience! I truly appreciate all you do! - TK

Ayurveda Immersion Workshops & Cooking Classes

Past Workshops

Spring Day Retreat

In this fabulous farm-to-table event, we celebrated the Spring Season w/ Private Farm Tour + Ayurvedic Workshop, Cooking Class & Spring Supper! Spring: More light, more growth, more rejuvenation! We welcomed greater connection, more outdoor time, new changes in movement and routine. At this inspiring event we learned the energy of the season, how to savor its bounty for natural spring cleansing, plus the simplicity of making beautiful meals with these light & invigorating ingredients.

Winter Wellness Retreat - a day for exploration & transformation

Winter - Vata season is a time for grounding, for tuning inward & self-reflection. We celebrated the season and tapped into this energy with a transformative workshop & guided meditation session where we shifted some major energy & got some major clarity on what you want in your new year. Then, we savored a Garden-to-Table lunch right inside the botanical oasis that is Sherman Library & Gardens. This intimate and impactful event set us on a powerful path ahead.

9/11 Workshop & Cooking Class – Fall into Rhythm & Connect to Nature & Each Other

On this day-long retreat, we spent the day getting into rhythm by getting aligned with the upcoming season. We started the day with a farmer's market tour, followed by a hike. After enjoying the outdoors, we went over tools we could utilize to optimize wellbeing. Finally, we ended the day with a cooking class featuring seasonal foods acquired at the farmer's market! Juice is rasa, passion, fluidity, vitality, sustained satisfaction… To be in rhythm is to live on purpose, to take aligned action, to optimize energy.

“When we put ourselves in rhythm, we feel our juice for life. When things are out of rhythm, nothing works… Rhythm is everything.” ~ Jai Dev Singh


Such a rich and expansive day today shopping for beautiful produce, then followed by hiking through beautiful scenery then ending it with beautiful fellowship and food. Thank you, Red Jen Ford, for arranging such a great day!! - PR

What a great day! Thanks for including me in your food, friends and nature Road Trip to Radiant Health. I enjoyed meeting your carefully curated group of ladies. You are great at bringing together like personalities. What a bountiful, mouth-watering farmers market! Love the colors of eating seasonally. You have a talent for sharing your love of fresh ingredients, the cooking experience and effortlessly preparing such a delicious artistic meal! The crowning touch on a perfect day! - KD

I am eternally grateful for the energy and experiences that I’ve had the opportunity to share with Red Jen. Our first workshop has had such a profound impact on my personal and professional life, I can’t imagine where I would be now without these tools of self love and care. Incorporating yoga, meditation and mindfulness into my daily routine has brought me a priceless sense of peace and clarity. This heightened awareness and sense of self has led me to more confidence and security in growing my business, renewed and expanded on my passion for health and wellness, and has had a ripple effect amongst my friends and colleagues. Jen is truly inspiring and I look forward to the opportunity to continue to learn and practice with her. - AJ