Jen has been leading cleanse programs for over a decade

FALL into Rhythm Seasonal Challenge starting 10/30

Join a Positive & Supportive Community to Get Healthy Together: an innovative and virtual approach so you can join anytime and anywhere. In our next detox, we will make small adjustments over 21 days to create habits that stick. Get ready for a transformational journey toward your best health! Want to learn more about how the 21 day challenge works? Set up a 15-minute Coaching Gym with Red Jen to tackle one of your health challenges and learn more.

Here's a sneak peek from a previous detox that shows how the challenge works:

Are you ready to tame the flames of inflammation? Check out this video to learn how the teachings of Ayurveda - seasonal eating and mindful life changes - supported our 21-Day Fall Detox Challenge...

Some things we will conquer together...

  • Kick sugar addiction
  • Flush out toxins with real, whole foods
  • Optimize digestion, energy and immune function
  • Practice intermittent fasting
  • Take steps to get back to self-love
  • Learn to discern the difference between hunger & appetite
  • Nourish yourself & eat when you're hungry
  • Make conscious choices to fuel yourself
  • Get in sync w/nature to calm anxiety, optimize energy, boost immunity

Read wins from past challenges

  • "I am in control! Whatever it was that was blocking me was unblocked. I thank the universe, Red Jen, and this community!" ~ D.H.
  • "I lost 9 pounds and developed a more loving mindset" ~ E.S.
  • "I lost 10 pounds and learned a ton about how to eat healthier!" ~ D.Q.
  • "I learned that I can fast longer than I had imagined, and it's not as bad as I thought. In fact, I realized that I'd rather fast than eat fast food!" ~ S.F.
  • "Being able to cut out added sugars and coffee was huge for me. I thought it would have been more of a struggle or that I would have felt more groggy... I ate on point and got movement in daily. I'm continuing this momentum in February. I really wouldn't have gotten through this month without some sort of accountability. It helped knowing a group of others were aiming for the same goals." ~ C.G.
  • "I feel like I reset my body. I feel alert, I'm able to get through long days, and I'm down 7lbs. Such a big win!" ~ C.G.