About me

Red Jen Ford is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Corporate Wellbeing Consultant and Master Yoga Teacher

She began her career with a BS in Chemical Engineering, worked as an environmental engineer and then as a management consultant. After 13 years juggling her demanding corporate job with her need for healthy & tasty food, plenty of exercise and a fulfilling life, she realized her true calling was to help others find better balance in their lives.

Jen learned through her own struggles with food and body image issues that it’s important to let your diet change with the seasons to optimize energy levels and immune function. Managing a farmers’ market has deepened her understanding of seasonal eating and through the bridge of yoga’s sister science, Ayurveda, she has integrated seasonal living and yogic principles into her cooking classes, lectures and private practice!

In Jen’s private health-coaching practice, she specializes in working with individuals who are ready to take control of their health and drop the extra weight while increasing their energy without dieting, deprivation or counting calories. Jen also consults with organizations to help them define and implement wellness strategies and is so proud of her most recent achievement, the online cooking course, “Simply In Season – Fall Recipes That Celebrate Healthy and Easy Seasonal Food.”

Featured as a Health Coach Pro in Oprah Magazine

"trained to help you break your goal into manageable steps, track your progress, and identify and overcome personal roadblocks."

Health Coaching

“ Jen, you have changed me in such a profound way over these 6-8 weeks, more so than anyone else in my life. You are a beautiful being inside and out, and I’m a much better me, thanks to you.” - Joelynn, Fountain Valley, CA

"Thank you for your support on my quest for a healthier lifestyle, in changing my well being from the inside out, and in losing 30 pounds ...Your vast full spectrum of knowledge with your intuition... have been of great value. Youv'e been extremely supportive in my wellness journey and I'm grateful for that!" - Deva, Aliso Viejo, CA

"You have been such a pivotal force in my journey, and an amazing source of guidance, clarification, and support!" - Kimberly, New York City

"Jen.. what's truly great about you is that you live and practice everything you teach. As a former client of yours, I can personally say that you are an inspiration and breath of fresh air to those of us who struggle to achieve balance and health in a fast paced, demanding world. I sincerely hope [you get] an opportunity to spread your love and light across America!!" - Paulina, Huntington Beach, CA

“I hope you know you are my inspiration for my first triathlon and for this exciting career change! Really looking forward to this next step...thanks again for all your support and encouragement!” - Katie, Costa Mesa, CA

"Working with Jen, I lost 25 pounds just by modifiying my diet and going to yoga class once or twice a week. I can't believe that healthy food tastes this good and makes me feel so energized - the weight loss is just an added bonus!" - Chris, Orange, CA

“Jen is incredible!! During each of my sessions with her, she listened intently, asked me questions to further understand, and then provided thoughtful and extremely useful recommendations to help me move forward in achieving my specific goals… I felt completely supported and my knowledge and understanding of food and exercise has grown significantly. I value our time together enormously.” – Linda, Newport Beach, CA

Women's Wellness Weekends & Retreats

"[The ranch] was such an amazing location, and, the energy of the group and the workshops we did were really wonderful. You did a terrific job guiding us both physically and emotionally, and I hope to be able to participate in future retreats." - Geri, Brooklyn, NY

"The itinerary didn't fully explain all of the wonderful additions of this weekend. My expectations were completely exceeded. You are such a powerful woman and I am so lucky to have you in my life. This retreat deepened my love for yoga and for myself!" - Ashley, Huntington Beach, CA

"During the Costa Rica yoga retreat, we were very spoiled to have such an inspiring, challenging, and centering teacher work with us for an entire week-- and to receive close to private classes with her... it was sooooo nice! Thank you so so much for a terrific and inspiring week. Getting toknow you and just being around you and taking your classes was veryinspiring for me and I feel as though I have come back with a slightlynew perspective/twist or open mindedness on many of the "challenges"going on in my life right now... you are such an inspiring person to bearound!" - Daina, New York City

"Wow! What a great experience! I really enjoyed my time this weekend... and the ranch location was awesome!" - Andi, Laguna Niguel, CA

Cooking Classes

"The vegetarian cooking class was amazing! I am more and more impressed by your natural/creative talent with ingredients and food!" - Paulina R.

“Another wonderful learning experience supporting a conscious approach to seasonal cooking.” - Melanie R.

“Thank you so much Jen!! You are so talented & it was a great dinner! I learned how to make 3 delicious new meals and easier ways to cut veggies!" - Danielle V.

“I really enjoyed the friendly and professional way of the class. Thanks for the class and the hospitality” - Steven F.