Corporate Wellness

Employee Health and Wellness Workshops

Jen’s forte is facilitating Employee Health and Wellness workshops, typically delivered at lunch time as ‘lunch’n learns’ or power lunches, or via video conference using WebX or Zoom. These workshops include education not only on what to do, but how to implement better nutrition and life choices, and they serve as a first step toward making greater improvements in workplace health, like upgrading vending machine and snack/beverage options.

These workshops are a fun and informative forum for the discussion of healthy living. Jen always uses a show-tell-taste approach that supports active participation and encourages participants to engage in discussion, interact with other attendees, and get their questions answered.

Corporate Wellness Strategy & Planning services include:

  • Creating a mission statement for your wellness program that ties to your company’s overall mission
  • Planning and delivering a wellness fair to kick off the program
  • Ideas to increase participation such as incorporating attendance at wellness events as part of employee development and performance evaluation cycles
  • Tying workplace initiatives to educational topics covered, such as:

- reducing soda consumption,
- improving vending machine choices,
- eliminating the office candy jars, and
- implementing seasonal produce delivery

  • Finding alternative lunch caterers who deliver healthier meal options

Sample Topics Include:

  • Clean 15 / Dirty Dozen - Why and When to Invest in Organics
  • Meditation - How to Choose A Mindfulness Practice Best Suited to Your Thinking Style
  • 18 Recommended Super Foods for Superior Health
  • Beat the Sugar Blues - How and Why to Step off the Sugar Roller Coaster
  • Get Packing - Easy Meals and Menu Ideas for Healthy Lunches and Snacks
  • Get Moving - Easy ways to Increase your Exercise at Home and at Work
  • Get Cooking - Various Seasonal Food & Recipe Demonstrations
  • Simple Smoothies with Super Foods
  • Radical Well-being & Resilience inspired by Blue zone communities who have the best quality & quantity of life (a 3-part series)
  • Green Tips for Mitigating Stress & Green-Drink Demo
  • Mindful Eating for Personal & Planetary Health
  • Ancient Wisdom for Modern Challenges of Working from Home
  • Healthier Happy Hours - How to Minimize the Side Effects of Indulgence

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Nyanya Smith - Director of Human Resources, Yusen Terminals Inc

“Jen, you have made such a huge impact not only for our company, but in our personal lives. Thank you for educating us and helping our employees make healthier life choices. Because of you, our employees have bought in to the healthier change initiatives we’ve made at the office, and we saved 12% on annual insurance premiums."

Jim Jeffers - President, Pacific Tank & Construction, Inc.,

"Great hands on session. Loved the meal assembly line in your talk, 'Get Packing - Easy Meals and Menu Ideas for Healthy Lunches and Snacks.'"

Angelisa Herrera - Office Coordinator, O'Melveny & Myers LLP

"From the fall food demo, I liked the kale salad and healthy delicious chili - something even my children would like!”